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How to make Puja Special RICE PUDDING/ RICE KHEER as bhog to the GOD at home with simple making process ( বাড়িতে খুব সহজ উপায় এ পায়েস তৈরি ) by Indian Food Masti

This RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER ( বাড়িতে খুব সহজ উপায় এ পায়েস তৈরি ) is from Bengali cuisine. The delicious RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER made on several occasions of Bengali community. Such as Birthdays , baby-showers , marriage ceremonies even in puja to offer to Gods as bhog.Bengali dishes have a fantastic flavour and aroma that is quite hard to resist. It is a very popular RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER which is liked by the entire Bengali community. We made this delicious RICE PUDDING with gobindobhog rice which is a short grain rice. and the rice has a aroma and a buttery taste which make it perfect for this recipe. Mostly the RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER is eaten after a proper Bengali meal. Traditionally in this recipe we use gobindobhog rice. If you do not have this rice then you can use any short grain stocky rice. In this recipe we are using bay leaf and green cardamom which enhance the flavour of the pudding. [ Rice pudding or rice kheer is a very delicious and sweet ceremony dessert.] 

Course: Dessert Recipe, Cuisine: Indian,  Serving:4.


(1) 200 GM Gobindobhog chal, (2) 250 ML milk, (3) 2 Cups sugar, (4) 1 Cup powder milk( optional), (5) 2 Bay leaf, (6) 4 Green cardamom, (7) Handful of cashew nuts, (8) Handful of Raisin, (9) 2 Teaspoon ghee.

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes.
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes.
Total Time: 30 Minutes.

Step by step cooking process of RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER:
(1) Soak the rice in water for 1 hr. Stir the rice and coat with some ghee.

(2) Heat some ghee in a wok and fry the cashew nuts and raisin till golden and keep aside.

(3) Transfer the milk to a heavy bottomed pan. After milk comes to a boil reduce the flame or medium heat stir the milk regularly. So that the milk doesn't burn from the bottom and sides of the pan.

(4) Now add the ghee coated rice into the milk and stir also added the bay leaf and green cardamoms boil the rice very patiently keep stirring gently.

(5) Add the fried cashew nuts and raisins.

(6) When the rice cooked properly and become mushy add the sugar and powder milk mixed with some warm water into it. Before adding the sugar make sure the rice cooked properly otherwise it won't cook after sugar is added. When the sugar melt completing your PAYESH or RICE PUDDING is ready to serve.

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Nutrition facts of RICE PUDDING/RICE KHEER:

*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.