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Simple making process of ONION POKODA at home by INDIAN FOOD MASTI

ONION POKODA is a popular snack in Indian homes and it is also popular as a street food as well.
Very easy to prepare when you have unexpected guests or just enjoy the ONION POKODA during rainy evening or a cold winter day. You can have this crispy pokoda as a tea time snack. This recipe is really easy to make you do not need may ingredients to prepare it. These crispy ONION POKODAS are best served with green chutney and hot tea.  

Course- Snack, Cuisine- Indian, Serving-3.

1 cup gram flour ( besan), (2) 1 teaspoon rice flour, (3) 2 medium sized onion sliced, (4) 4 green chili chopped, (5) Salt as required, (6) Oil for fry.

Making time of ONION POKODA:
Preparation Time- 10 minutes.
Cooking Time- 10 minutes.
Total Time- 20 minutes.

Step by step making process of ONION POKODA:

1) Firstly take a bowl and add the sliced onion and chopped green chilies and mix it well.
2) Now add the gram flour, rice flour and salt and mix it properly. You do not need to add water. The pokoda mixture is ready to fry.
4) Now heat oil in a pan take out small portion of the mixture and drop it in to the oil and fry it until it became golden and crispy.
5) Now your ONION POKODA is ready to serve with green chutney and  cup of hot tea or coffee as snack.
Please give it a try and share your feedback with me.

Nutrition value of ONION POKODA:

Amount per serving

Carbs-21 g

Dietary Fiber-5 g

Protein-6 g

Sodium-187 mg

 Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. 



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