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Recipe of DAHI BHALLA simple making process at home by Indian food masti

DAHI BHALLA is a type of chat (Sanck). It is prepared by vadas in thick Dahi(Yogurt). DAHI BHALLA is a popular snack in north India. It is a perfect chat or snack during festive occasion.In this recipe there is no onion and no garlic. Making of DAHI BHALLA takes time.So, you can make the chutney one day before. My Mom always made this DAHI BHALLA in all our get together. I have learnt to make this DAHI BHALLA from my Mom. She makes the best DAHI BHALLA.

Course- Starter or main as snack or chat. Cuisine-Indian. Serving-2.

(1) 2 cups Urad Dal. (2) 2 green chilli. (3) 2 inch ginger. (4) 1 cup yogurt(Curd). (5) Sugar. (6) Black salt. (7) Rosted cumin powder. (8) Red chilli powder. (9) Sweet tamarind chutney. (10) Green chutney. (11) Salt to taste. (12) Fennel seed. (13) Oil for frying.

Making time of DAHI BHALLA:
Preparation Times: 35 minutes.
Cooking Times: 25 minutes.
Total Times: 60 minutes.

Step by step making process of DAHI BHALLA:
1) Wash and soak the Urad Dal in water for 8 to 9 hours and drain the water. Then add the dal in a blender along with ginger and green chilli and blend to make a thick paste. You can use 1/2 cup of water if you needed.
2) The paste should be as thick as possible so that it is easy to shape the Vadas. Now transfer the paste in a bowl and add salt and fennel seed and whisk the paste for 4 to 5 minutes until it is very light and fluffy.
3) Take a cup or bowl filled with water and drop small amount of the batter in it. If the batter immediately starts to float on top of the water the batter is ready. If not then whsik it some more.
4) Now heat oil in a pan and take out small portion of the batter and drop it in to the oil and fry the vadas in medium flame.
5) Take lukewarm water in a bowl and add fennel seed.
6) Dip the fried vadas in this water for 10 to 15 minutes.
7) Now lets prepare the curd mixture. Take the curd in a bowl and add salt, rosted cumin powder, red
chilli powder, sugar according to your taste and mix everything nicely.
8) Place the vadas in a plate. Pour the curd mixture over the vadas. Top it with the sweet tamarind and green chutney, sprinkle some cumin power and black salt according to your taste.
9) Garnish with sev and serve it as starter or main or chat or snack.

Please give it a try and share your thoughts with me.


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