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How to prepare MANGO MILKSHAKE ( Indian Summer Drinks ) by Indian Food Masti

How to prepare MANGO MILKSHAKE(Indian Summer Drinks) by Indian Food Masti.
MANGO MILKSHAKE is a popular Indian summer drinks.It is a very delicious and creamy shake. This MANGO MILKSHAKE is made with sweet ripe mangoes and whole milk.This recipe is very popular among the young generation. This shake is very nutrition too as we are using mangoes and milk in it. It keeps you full the mangoes should be sweet and not sour in this recipe.

Course - Beverages, Cuisine- Indian, Servings- 2.

(1)2 ripe mango cut into cubes ( Fresh/Frozen ), (2)2 teaspoon sugar,
(3)2 scoops vanilla ice cream, (4)2 cups milk chilled, (5)Some ices cubes. 

Preparation time of  MANGO MILKSHAKE ( Indian Summer Drinks):

Prepare time - 5 minutes.

Cook time-     5 minutes.

Total time-    10 minutes.

Step by Step process of MANGO MILKSHAKE( Indian Summer Drinks)

(1)Firstly take a blender then add all the ingredients one by one. First add the ice cubes,mango cubes, sugar,ice cream and milk and blend it all together.

Finally serve MANGO MILKSHAKE with some ice cream on top. You can top some fruits and nuts if you want.

Give it s try and share your thought with me.