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How to prepare LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA a tasty Indian street food by Indian Food Masti

LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA is an tasty Indian street food.This is a very popular tea time snack. My family loves this LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA very much. This LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA are easy to prepare. You can also make this LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA when you have surprise visitors. The main ingredient for this recipe is leftover rice.It is also the best recipe during monsoon, then you can enjoy it with a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Course-Snack, Cuisine- Indian Street Food.


(1)3 cups leftover steamed rice, (2)6 teaspoon besan/gram flour, (3)1 teaspoon coriander/dhaniya powder, (4)1 teaspoon red chilli powder, (5)1.5 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste, (6)1/2 teaspoon turmeric/haldi powder, (7)1 teaspoon pav bhaji masala or any other masala of your choice, (8)1 teaspoon green chilli chopped, (9)Maggi masala magic 1 packet, (10)40 gms processed cheese cubs (optional), (11)2 medium onions thinly sliced,(12)Salt to taste, (13)1/2 chat masala, (14)Oil for frying.

Preparation time of  LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA ( Indian Street Food):

Prepare time - 10 minutes.

Cook time-     15 minutes.

Total time- 25 minutes.

Step by Step cooking process of '' LEFTOVER RICE & CHEESE POKORA ( Indian Street Food) ''

1. firstly take a bowl and add 3 cups of leftover steamed rice.

2.Mash the rice properly and add green chilli in it.
3.Then add coriander powder ,chat masala,red chilli powder,turmeric powder, grated cheese, pav bhaji masala, maggi masala, salt, onion sliced and ginger-garlic paste.
4.Then add the besan ( gram flour).
5.Now mixed well making sure all the ingredients are combined well. The RICE POKORA mixture is now ready.
6.Now deep fry in hot oil giving a shape of your choice to pokora. Stir occasionally and fry it on medium flame until it turns golden brown and remove from oil.
7. Now enjoy RICE POKORAs with tomato sauce or any of your favourite chutny orwith a cup of warm tea or coffee.

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Valo uddog ! khete i66a kr6e kintu bananur risk nite per6i na mne ami khub valo radhuni to tai !😁